Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Could We Be Related?

Short post tonight...very tired, and need to get up early tomorrow. But I wanted to post this before I went to sleep.

I have started to list the surnames that I will be working on in my research and posting to the blog sometime in the future.

Some of these lines, I have worked fairly extensively on, and some I have barely scratched the surface. All in due time, right??!!

I have hope that this list will grow much more in the coming months, and years, as I break through some brick walls.

So, come on over to my Surname List Page, located in the tabs listed to the right.

Who knows, you may just find out we're related!!


  1. Well I see you have a Moore family line, but then so do most people. :)

    My Moores are from Potter County, PA. area.

    1. My Moores are from Maryland. I only know Adam, and his family, that came from Maryland to Indiana in the early 1800's. Have not got any further on that line.