Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Henry, Heinrich, Henri...Still a Haessig!

Henry, by any other name, is still a Haessig, right? (To slightly paraphrase Shakespeare! Lol) 

I think that I have procrastinated researching this side of my family tree, because I thought it might be a little harder than some of the others.  Honestly, who wants to start with doing the hard work!

But I am so glad that I have started looking into the Haessigs.  Although, first, I had to start by looking into a little bit of German history, and specifically the Alsace-Lorraine, area. Today's post will focus more on the Haessig family. But, I do plan on getting into more of that in a future post, because it is quite interesting.  It kept changing hands between France and Germany, and this affects some key details in your research.

I have to apologize a little here for just a moment. I have just moved, and have much of my paperwork still in boxes. But I can fill you in on what I have in one handy binder that I kept close to me in the move.  

The following picture is of my 2x-great grandfather, Heinrich, Henri, or Henry, Haessig (depending on what records you find!) and his family.  He was born in the Alsace-Lorraine area, and imigrated to the United States in 1871.  

The Haessigs-(seated) Sophia Kuntz Haessig, Henry Haessig. Standing - (L. to R.) George Phillip Haessig, Caroline or Emma?, Henry George Haessig, Emma or Caroline?, Jake ? (stepson).
I was lucky enough to not only find the passenger list from when he landed in New York, but also from his departure in Hamburg, Germany.

Henri Haessig in the Hamburg Passenger Lists, 1850-1934

New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957, for Henri Haessig

"Henri's" info from N.Y. Passenger List
In these records, he is listed as Henri. In other records that must still be tucked into my boxes, I have found him listed as Heinrich. Later, after living in Indiana for several years, census records will list him as Henry. I am so very glad that they chose to name their son (my great-grandfather) Henry!

I am also very fortunate that my research has lead me to other descendents of Heinrich "Henry" Haessig that I had never met until just the last few years. 

  • Charlie Haessig ~ son of George Philip Haessig. Among many accomplishments, Charlie was also a survivor of the bombing at Pearl Harbor. I was lucky to get to know this man at one of our Haessig Family Reunions.
  • His four children are all wonderful, too. One of his sons has delved much deeper into the Haessig family history, and has been a godsend as I research our shared history.  (These are living relatives, and I will only add there names as I have permission.)
  • I was also introduced to another of George Haessig's grandchildren recently because of this blog.  The "Haessig Researcher" cousin mentioned just above had told his first cousin to check out my blog.  I am glad that she did.  She has written me about some wonderful memories she had of her grandfather, and also filled me in on our family's quilting heritage.
As I started this blog, I had hopes of meeting new relatives as I discovered my heritage.  It looks like I am starting down the right path!  I hope that I meet many more!!

(As I unpack my other papers, and am in touch with more of my Haessig researchers, I will hopefully fill in a few more of the blanks within this post.

Next up, a quick lesson on general German history, and specifically the Alsace-Lorraine area!  Stay tuned!!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Honor Roll Project...Continued

In my previous post, I had the pleasure of telling you about a wonderful website (The Honor Roll Project) that honors veterans by transcribing their names on monuments to make it easier for family members to search online.

You can find that previous post at: http://thishoosiersheritage.blogspot.com/2017/06/the-honor-roll-project.html.  The veterans' monument can be found on the grounds of the Greene County Courthouse in Bloomfield, Indiana. In my previous post, I had transcribed the veterans of World War I.

I continue on...

World War II

Dobbins, John                                                Hannon, Fred J.
Uland, James J.                                               Barton, Chester
Scott, Vernis                                                    Slough, Robert L.
Ausman, Homer F.                                        Kramer, Rex
Rich, Earl A.                                                    Fiscus, Collins
Gastineau, James J.                                        Abram, Lawrence R.
Peltier, Bruce                                                  Tally, Kenneth
Mann, Ferrell A.                                             Crody, Harold
Kelley, Joe B.                                                    Inman, Carlos
Scencia, George                                              Barker, Emerson Y.
Uland, John R.                                                 Wolfe, Vail
May, Blain B.                                                    Dugger, Doyle
Gilmore, C. Dallas                                           Bernes, Albert L.
O'Bannon, Robert                                           Gillham, Ivan B.
Flory, Max E.                                                    Payton, Don K.
Myers, Joseph                                                  Fulford, Carl G.
Bohnert, Paul                                                   Dillon, Ebler
Stamm, John A.                                                Sams, Cletus
Hines, Richard E.                                             Crowe, Ranard M.
Vest, Carl H.                                                      Logston, William
Stacy, Dale E.                                                    Gordon, Robert E.
Gambill, Paul                                                   Paris, Perry
Clayton, Charles L.                                          Berry, Jessie R.
Wright, Johnnie A.                                          Shepherd, Robert F.
Bruce, James                                                    Keller, Fredrick P.
Gibson, Richard E.                                          Miller, Dale
Miller, Marion R.                                             Byers, Paul R.
Stough, Clyde A., Jr.                                        English, Albert D.
Flory, Dale F.                                                    Livingston, Alfred
Barton, Lester                                                  Cromwell, Howard
Hill, Harry                                                        Woodburn, Albert
Cole, Leslie R.                                                   Hunter, Willard O.
Gardner, Robert                                              Carnegie, Lee J.
Turpin, Theodore                                            McLain, Frederick
Woodruff, Corbett                                           Beasley, Nelson
Gentsheimer, Robert N.                                  Pershing, C. Paul
Pearson, Granville                                           Elkins, Paul H.
Scott, Floyd A.                                                   Harting, Harold      
Hasler, Max D.                                                  Armpriester, James E.
Overman, Patrick H.                                        McFarland, John         
Christy, William F.                                           Stewart, Russell
Schloot, James D.                                              Gordon, John R.
Bullock, Earl W.                                                Fitzpatrick, Max M.
Lockwood, Harold                                           Bowersock, Glenn
Humphreys, William                                      O'Neall, Dallas B.
McDonald, Paul R.                                           Doublemont, Dene
Barnett, Arreatus Jr.                                       Gilbreath, Robert
Moore, Delmas                                                 Singer, Vincent
Bingham, Milford                                            Mowery, Richard A.
Stringfellow, Edward A.                                 Burris, Charles
Dicus, Lloyd E.                                                  Senior, George
Jenkins, Herbert L.                                          Wright, Jack W.
Jarvis, Richard                                                  Reynolds, Donald
Poole, Eugene K.                                               Johnson, Benjamin B.
Scecina, Thomas J.
                                                   World War II


Morris, James F.
Elkins, Charles W.
Baize, Robert
Sipes, William C.
White, Donald R.
Cox, Kenneth R.
Goodman, Wendall R.
Flory, James A.
Hall, Arthur L.
Laughlin, Robert L.
Caddell, Donald
McFarland, Raymond H.
Stanton, Earl D.
Goodman, Carroll M.
Sparks, Russell
Kirkley, Lawrence E.
Mowery, Jackie L.
Hamilton, Donald S.                                        


Flory, Robert L.
Sherman, Harley E.
Mills, R. Dale
Richards, Ricky L.
All, Carl K.
Walters, Kenneth L.
Dover, George R.
Workman, James A.
Sheetz, Robert E.
Crody, Ronald
Eyler, Allen D.
Furhman, Terry


Iraq/Operation Enduring Freedom

Kimmell, Matthew A.

Iraq/Operation Enduring Freedom

     Last, but definitely not least, there is an inscription on the back of the monument. At the top, it reads, "DUTY  HONOR  COUNTRY". Below this inscription, you will find the following, "When you leave this place, go tell them of us and say for your tomorrow, then give their today."  Etched at the very bottom, "Greene County Veterans Council May 27,1989"

Inscription on back side 

Friday, June 30, 2017

My contribution to The Honor Roll Project

     I have discovered a wonderful historical project that will help honor the brave veterans throughout our country. I would love to share it with you, also.

     It is called The Honor Roll Project, and it is "an effort to transcribe and photograph military honor rolls. The transcribed names make the soldiers available for search engines, so that descendants and family members can find them on the internet." This description was taken straight from The Honor Roll website (http://honorrollproject.weebly.com), and is exactly the reason that I am so enthused about doing what I can.

     When I explained to my husband about this project, he was on board also for helping me as much as possible. He immediately reminded me of a such an Honor Roll monument on our local courthouse grounds.

Honor Roll memorial in Bloomfield, IN

     This monument is near the northwest corner of the Greene County Courthouse grounds.

     The front center panel has an outline of the Liberty Bell near the top, and the emblems of the Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy and Coast Guard etched near the bottom. Under the Liberty Bell, the following words have been etched:  "Dedicated to the the Veterans of Greene County who served honorably in the Armed Forces of the United States and in honored memory of those who gave their lives in the service of our country."

     And now on to the Honor Roll itself... I know that this will be an extremely long post, if i included everyone tonight. So, I will start with just World War I tonight, and try to finish the rest of the Honor Roll in the next post.

World War I

World War I

Hall, Perry
Roth, Charles E.
Mullis, Myrel
Vest, Clarence W.
Custer, Claude
Johnson, Helmer H.
Talbot, Howard R.
Ruth, William
Miller, Hiram
Cross, George E.
Hout, Herman
Mason, Joseph
Dixon, Charles E.
Pearcy, Henry A.
Allen, Alva
Wingate, Richard H.
Johnson, Gleason
Bashaw, Clarence
Hauser, Lewis
Miller, Warden D.
Strauser, Ernest F.
Courtney, Frank O.
Holder, Fred L.
Beasley, George C.
Terhune, Charles W.
Huffman, Frederick R.
Ridenbark, Oscar L.
Bradley, Joseph W.
Strietelmeier, Herman H.
Phillips, Van C.
To Be continued, in my next post...you can find that post at: