Saturday, October 14, 2017

Fantabulous Family History Month

What better way to  start Family History Month, than with a family reunion?

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of heading to my hometown for a family reunion.  I not only was able to catch up with relatives that I hadn't seen for a while, but met a few that I only  had known as names in the past.

I was also introduced to a new cousin from a line I didn't know existed!  I have been telling you all about Henri, Heinrich, Henry Haessig from the Alsace-Lorraine area. He travelled on the ship, Germania, in 1871, and settled in Indiana.  Other than knowing his birth year and the village he came from, I did not know anything else about his family or life before he immigrated.

Well, my cousin, David, found Jack; and we were all lucky to make his acquaintance at the reunion. Jack is the descendant of Heinrich's sister!  I would love to include his picture for you all, but I did not get his permission prior to this posting.  But, he is a pistol, and I enjoyed his company.

Visiting with everyone as much as possible means that I didn't get to talk to him long, so I will have to talk to David more for more information on this family line.

I also took advantage of being back in the hometown to get pictures of the local veterans' memorial that has graced the entrance to the swimming pool since before I can remember.

I am honored to help Heather Wilkinson Rojo add more veterans' memorials to the Honor Roll Project ( ).  The Honor Roll Project contributors work to transcribe the names on these memorials so they are searchable for family members to find on the internet.  

I will be adding this memorial to her project as soon as I can get to it!

As the resident genealogist at the library where I work, I have been working on fine-tuning our Indiana/genealogy collection.  With the help of a volunteer and a co-worker who have both taken on large projects in this area, we are seriously gaining some ground this month!  Thank you, Mary and Jeanie!! 

I will get to finish out the month with a genealogy webinar at work, and then off to the Indiana State Library with the Greene County genealogist for the Genealogy and Local History Fair.

So, I am having a fantabulous Family History Month this year!!  

How about you?  What are your plans for the month? 

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